About Jordan Peterson

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson is a clinical psychologist and professor emeritus at the University of Toronto. From 1993 to 1998 he served as assistant and then associate professor of psychology at Harvard. He spent fifteen years writing Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief (1999; released in June 2018 as a now bestselling author-read audiobook). Maps of Meaning is a scholarly investigation into the nature of narrative and religious thought, the structure of perception, the regulation of emotion, and the motivation for atrocity in the service of ideology. Dr. Peterson also penned the popular global bestsellers Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life & 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, #1 for nonfiction in 2018 in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, the Netherlands, Brazil and Norway, both translated into some 50 languages. The latter book has sold more than five million copies; the former, released in mid 2021, 750,000.

Raised and toughened in the frigid wastelands of Northern Alberta :), Dr. Peterson has flown a hammer-head roll in a carbon-fiber stuntplane, piloted a mahogany racing sailboat around Alcatraz Island, explored an Arizona meteorite crater with a group of astronauts, built a Native American Long-House on the upper floor of his Toronto home, and been inducted into a Pacific Kwakwaka’wakw family (see charlesjoseph.ca). He’s been a dishwasher, short-order cook, beekeeper, tow-truck driver, gas jockey, bartender, oil derrick bit re-tipper, plywood mill laborer and railway line worker. He’s taught mythology to physicians, lawyers, and businessmen; worked with Jim Balsillie, former CEO of Blackberry’s Research in Motion, on Resilient People, Resilient Planet, the report of the UN Secretary General’s High Level Panel on Global Sustainability; helped his clinical clients manage the triumphs and catastrophes of life; served as an advisor to senior partners of major Canadian law firms; penned the forward for the 50th anniversary edition of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago; lectured to university audiences all around the English-speaking world (see Harvard 2017, Cambridge (2018, 2021, 2021 TBA) and Oxford (2018, 2021 TBA); identified thousands of promising entrepreneurs, with the The Founder Institute in 60 different countries; spoke to sold-out audiences across North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand in the course of one of the most-well attended book tours ever mounted; and is currently mounting the 2022 Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life book tour on a similar scale (tickets available here).

With his students and colleagues, Dr. Peterson has published more than a hundred scientific papers with his colleagues and students, advancing the modern understanding of alcoholism, antisocial behavior, play, emotion, creativity, competence and personality.  He was nominated for five consecutive years as one of Ontario’s Best University Lecturers, and was one of only three profs rated as “life changing” in the U of T’s underground student handbook of course ratings.

In 2016, shortly before the publication of 12 Rules, several of Dr. Peterson’s online lectures, videos and interviews went viral, launching him into unprecedented international prominence as a public intellectual and educator. His work, public postings and discussions are featured on the following platforms:

  • Jordan Peterson Videos, YouTube, features Dr. Peterson’s university and public lectures (including a highly-viewed 15-part biblical series on Genesis) and discussions with Matthew McConaughey, Slavoj Zizek, Camille Paglia, Joe  Rogan, Jonathan Haidt,  Ayaan Hirsi Ali and over a hundred other notable names of our times.  The channel has 4.5 million subscribers, with 300 million views; videos derived from his online content by others have been viewed a billion times.
  • The Jordan B Peterson Podcast, with over 100 episodes, has attracted close to a million listeners per episode, with over 55,000,000 downloads . Ranking reliably #1 in the Higher Education category on iTunes (often occupying all ten of the top ten episode slots), it has consistently been in the top five in the general Education category;
  • jordanbpeterson.com, his home website, contains his blog and influential recommended reading list, and attracts 25,000 views a day, for a total of more than 14,000,000 page hits to date;
  • selfauthoring.com and understandmyself.com, his online self-improvement and self-understanding systems, respectively, attract 30,000 users per month and were the focus of two Dr. Oz TV episodes (here and here) and three podcasts (one here). More information about these systems can be found below.
  • jordan.b.peterson Instagram: 2,600,000 followers
  • dr.jordan.b.peterson TikTok: 350,000 followers/4,000,000 likes
  • Dr. Jordan B. Peterson Facebook: 1,300,000 followers
  • @jordanbpeterson Twitter: 2.1 million followers
  • r/JordanPeterson Reddit: 270,000 followers
  • Jordan B Peterson Quora: 48,000 followers/11,000,000 answer views;
  • When active, originally, on the crowdfunding site Patreon, Dr. Peterson had 10,000 active subscribers and was the 2nd most highly funded creator on the site, the 6th most subscribed for video providers, and the 10th most widely subscribed of all Patreon accounts. He left Patreon in January of 2019, citing emerging censorship on the platform (see Goodbye to Patreon) and has now established subscription and donation services which can be accessed here. He is involved in the creation of a new site for creators called ThinkSpot, currently in its beta version (see thinkspot.com).
  • The 12 Rules for Life Tour, covered more than 160 cities, and drew 500,000 ticketed attendees in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe
  • Dr. Peterson’s popular guide to writing well can be found here

Dr. Peterson’s classroom lectures on mythology and the psychology of religion, based on Maps of Meaning (2016 version here), were turned into a popular 13-part TV series on Canadian public television’s TVO. Malcolm Gladwell discussed psychology with him while researching his books; Norman Doidge, author of The Brain that Changes Itself, wrote the forward to 12 Rules; and bestselling thriller writer Gregg Hurwitz employed several of his “valuable things” as a plot feature in his #1 international bestseller, Orphan X.

With his colleagues, Dr. Daniel M. Higgins and Dr. Robert O. Pihl, Dr. Peterson has also produced two online programs to help people understand themselves better and to improve their psychological and practical functioning. The most recent of these, UnderstandMyself, provides its users with detailed information about their personalities, based on work he published with his students here. Tens of thousands of people now know themselves better, as a consequence of completing this 15-minute program. His original self-analysis program, the Self Authoring Suite, (featured in O: The Oprah Magazine, CBC radio, and NPR’s national website), has helped over 200,000 people resolve the problems of their past, rectify their personality faults and enhance their virtues, and radically improve their future. Research documenting the program’s effectiveness can be found here and here.

Dr. Peterson has appeared on many popular podcasts and shows, including the Joe Rogan Experience (#877, #958, #1006), The Rubin Report (12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, Free Speech, Psychology, Gender Pronouns), H3H3 (#37), and many more. He is currently working on a new book, tentatively titled Beyond Mere Order: 12 More Rules for Life, slated for publication in late 2020.

  • Jordan Peterson Maps of Meaning