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S4 E11: Abigail Shrier

Abigail Shrier and I discuss identity, gender dysphoria, the increased rate of gender transitioning procedures among young female adolescents, details of these procedures, de-transitioning, her personal experiences writing her book “Irreversible Damage”, and more. Abigail Shrier is a frequent contributor to the Wall Street Journal and ...

S4 E11: Abigail Shrier2021-03-25T14:30:23-04:00

S4 E10: Bret Weinstein

Bret Weinstein and I discuss the events that led to his resignation from Evergreen State College, dealing with controversy, pair bonding, the new political landscape, paranoia created by having communities online, discordant opinion budgets, and more. Bret Weinstein is a theoretical evolutionary biologist, host of DarkHorse ...

S4 E10: Bret Weinstein2021-03-16T09:30:10-04:00

S4 E9: Juliette Fogra

Juliette Fogra and I discuss the stunning art that she created for my new book Beyond Order, her life story, artistic composition, her muse when creating, photoshop, fine art, music, living in chronic pain, and more. Juliette Fogra is an artist that created the art for ...

S4 E9: Juliette Fogra2021-03-16T09:27:09-04:00

S4 E8: Jonathan Pageau

This episode was recorded on Feb 14th, 2021 Jonathan Pageau and I discuss, among other topics, the issue of conscience, narrative with objective reality, perfect mode of being, the responsibility to move things towards the divine, the inevitability of religion, significance of the virgin birth, Theosis, ...

S4 E8: Jonathan Pageau2021-03-05T14:26:01-05:00

S4 E7: Ayaan Hirsi Ali

This podcast was recorded on Feb 2nd, 2021 Ayaan Hirsi Ali and I discuss, among other topics, Immigration, Islam, the changing safety of women in public(particularly in areas of Europe), clashing values of western cultures and Islam, win-win propositions, and many more career-ending topics. Ayaan outlines ...

S4 E7: Ayaan Hirsi Ali2021-02-22T14:55:39-05:00

S4 E6: Gad Saad: Infectious Ideas

This episode was recorded on January 18, 2021 Gad Saad and I discuss, among other topics, ideas as parasites, postmodernism, social constructivism, applying evolutionary thinking to understand our consummatory nature, epistemic humility, nomological networks, the degrees of assault on truth, and more. To pre-order Dr. Petersons ...

S4 E6: Gad Saad: Infectious Ideas2021-02-17T10:17:58-05:00

S4 E5: Mark Manson and Jordan and Mikhaila Peterson

Mikhaila Peterson co-hosts this episode. In this episode, we spoke with Mark Manson, a best-selling author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, and more recently, Everything Is F*cked: A Book about Hope, which has sold over thirteen million copies worldwide. He’s also a very ...

S4 E5: Mark Manson and Jordan and Mikhaila Peterson2021-02-17T10:18:20-05:00

S4 E4: Matt Ridley

This episode was recorded on January 11, 2021. Matt Ridley and I discuss, among other topics, economic optimism, trade through the reciprocity of nations, enlightened self-interest, virtues relation to trade, feeding nine billion people, the triumphs of cities, escape of Malthusian population trap, and more. Matt ...

S4 E4: Matt Ridley2021-02-17T10:18:47-05:00

Sunday Times: Unedited Interview Transcript

Jordan, Mikhaila, and the Interviewer: Jordan 00:00 Well, thank you for being patient. I know we've put you off for a long time. That couldn't be helped. But I'm actually very happy to be doing this. And I was, weirdly enough, I didn't expect it, but I was ...

Sunday Times: Unedited Interview Transcript2021-02-02T21:39:57-05:00
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