U of T Debate on Bill C-16 and Human Rights Legislation

Here is the debate held Nov 19 at 9:30 am at the University of Toronto on Free Speech, Political Correctness and Bill C-16. Participants included Dean David Cameron, who introduced the debate. Mayo Moran, a law professor, who moderated it, psychology Professor Jordan B Peterson, speaking out against the ...

U of T Debate on Bill C-16 and Human Rights Legislation2016-11-22T17:52:46-05:00

An Update on PC Debate

I have been negotiating the terms of a proposed debate/discussion about political correctness with the University of Toronto administration. However, they are concerned about the legality of my recent rejection of legislatively-imposed politically correct language, and the potential entanglement of the university. As my employer, the university is, under ...

An Update on PC Debate2016-11-22T20:06:25-05:00
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