I am pleased to announce today the establishment of a partnership with the Acton School of Business, under the stewardship of Acton Co-Founder and Master Teacher Jeff Sandefer. The Acton curriculum provides an institutional analog to the psychological content I have been sharing in my online videos, podcasts, and books. The MBA’s emphasis on individual responsibility and adventure parallels my work’s focus on maturity, simultaneous service to the individual, family and broader community, and the relationship between meaning, discipline, and vision.

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The Acton curriculum is grounded in the Socratic method. Its teachers spur learning by asking questions, not by answering them. The students also self-govern and self-organize, developing their own code of conduct at the start of the session. The Acton School of Business (ranked number 1 for “most competitive students” 7 years in a row, and “best administered” program in 2019’s Princeton Review) has a uniquely philosophical and entrepreneurial spirit, with goals distinct from traditional business schools. All students, for example, enroll in the contemplative Life of Meaning course, during which they are required to deeply examine and assess their personal vision and strategies for its implementation.

Acton’s enrollees are rarely interested in working for a large corporation or similar institution. Instead, the school selects those interested in founding their own personal ventures, and encourages them to engage in the difficult production, marketing, sales and customer service work associated with start-up entrepreneurial activity. We plan to identify and support 50 Peterson Fellows, who will work with my teams to prototype innovative educational programs, as well as work alongside successful entrepreneurs in real-world, hands-on challenges–all as part of earning the Acton MBA in Entrepreneurship.

Candidates will be selected through an online application process that assesses intellectual ability, academic background, personality, and strategic philosophy. We are looking for brilliant, competitive, cooperative individuals pursuing innovative ideas of significant social importance.

Those who are accepted will first complete the online portion of the MBA program. Then, they will attend the five month in-person portion at the Acton School of Business in Austin, TX. The program will take place from February 25th to December 14th, 2019 with the on-campus portion beginning on August 5th. Successful applicants will be awarded a combination of scholarships and student loans to help cover the cost of tuition.

Ready to take the next step? Visit https://peterson.actonmba.org/

Note: An undergraduate degree is not required for admission. Those without a completed bachelor’s degree will be awarded a certificate stating their completion of the requirements for the MBA program in lieu of the MBA degree.