Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Bjørn Lomborg go through each of the “doable dozen,” a series of issues that cost relatively little to solve, and yet doing so would yield exponential returns for developing countries and their impoverished citizens.

Bjørn Lomborg is a Danish author, having written numerous books on climate change such as “False Alarm,” “The Skeptical Environmentalist,” and “How to Spend $75 Billion to Make the World a Better Place.” He is the president of the think tank Copenhagen Consensus Center which focuses on doing the most good for the most people, with increasingly limited budgets. Bjørn’s newest book, “Best Things First,” is now published and can be found using the link below!

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– Chapters –

(0:00) Coming up
(2:12) Intro
(6:02) 200 sustainable development goals
(8:03) How to rank order dire needs
(14:08) The most good for your dollar
(17:28) Responsibility to the world
(18:33) Intro to the 12 Solutions: financial cost and what Humanity gains
(20:13) The resistant ethos
(25:51) Where we’re at, how far we’ve come
(27:34) Natural resources
(30:29) A famous bet, Paul Ehrlich
(35:21) Problem One: maternal and newborn health
(39:17) Family planning, low cost hospitals
(40:20) When newborns don’t breath
(42:00) Why it’s not top priority
(43:15) Politicians want visible change
(44:53) For one dollar
(45:43) Setting the agenda
(47:37) Timespan and manpower
(50:34) Needed materials for mothers in the developing world
(51:46) Problems Two and Three: Hunger and Starvation
(52:50) Efficient agriculture
(53:32) Is industrialization the wrong path forward?
(54:58) Improving seeds
(57:42) More mouths fed is more mouths to feed?
(1:03:00) Why isn’t this a “heroic” issue?
(1:05:15) The order is not an insult
(1:06:23) Fixing now in the meantime, vitamins
(1:09:08) The seriousness of being stunted in growth
(1:11:21) Community health and basic education
(1:13:38) Why you can’t just hand out food
(1:14:59) Problem Four: Corruption
(1:15:15) Procurement
(1:16:24) Real working examples
(1:19:05) Problem Five: Education
(1:19:59) Teaching without comprehension
(1:22:58) How to improve teachers and students
(1:25:10) Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons
(1:27:00) Zone of proximal development
(1:29:10) Technology teaching
(1:36:16) Problem Six: Malaria
(1:38:50) Nicer mosquitos in the West
(1:41:21) Malaria deaths can be reduced by half for a 10 percent increase
(1:45:01) Problem Seven: Chronic Diseases
(1:46:03) Diuretics and streamlined doctors
(1:48:42) Diet and necessary outlook
(1:51:36) Problem Eight: Land Security
(1:52:20) When your farmland is your lifeblood
(1:54:15) Surveys and registration
(1:55:10) Why invest in what you’re not sure you own?
(2:00:24) Problem Nine: Trade
(2:00:53) Why we are so rich, specialization
(2:02:23) Trade accelerates civilization
(2:03:38) Negative impacts
(2:05:24) Why it’s worth endorsing
(2:09:21) Writing out your vision, mitigating displacement
(2:12:08) Problem Ten: Skill Migration
(2:14:00) Why not let everyone move?
(2:16:38) Maximizing productivity, filling the skill gaps
(2:18:19) Problem Eleven: Tuberculosis
(2:20:09) An insane death toll
(2:21:48) 45 percent remain untreated
(2:24:09) Incentivizing treatment
(2:25:39) Eradicating disease, Polio
(2:26:39) Problem Twelve: Childhood Vaccination
(2:31:05) A hunger for transcendent good
(2:33:04) Getting on board
(2:36:08) Spectacle versus practical
(2:40:47) Best Things First – Coming Soon
(2:45:28) If you feel your calling is to make change…

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