Canadian Politician Roman Baber joins Dr. Peterson to discuss the state of the Conservative Party in Canada and their approach to climate change, and the devastating hit Canada’s reputation has taken at the international level.

Roman Baber is a former Member of Ontario’s Provincial Parliament. He is running for Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada because he will not “sit back while Canadians are losing faith in Canada’s democracy and Canadian opportunity.” He was removed by Doug Ford from the Ontario government caucus after calling out the collateral harm of lockdowns in January 2021. Since then, Roman has been a staunch advocate in favour of a balanced covid response and in particular against lockdowns due to their toll on the health and mental health of Canadians. Roman brought legislation to cut MPP pay to CERB levels while Emergency Orders are in place, commenced and is in litigation against the Attorney General of Ontario over Canadians’ right to protest and worship outdoors and recently brought a Bill to outlaw workplace mandates. Roman is passionate about and is well familiar with justice, transit and autism policy.

Roman was born and lived in the former Soviet Union until he was almost 9. He then lived in Israel until he immigrated to Canada with his family at age 15 and settled in the heart of the north Toronto district he now represents. Roman obtained a BA from York University and graduated from law school at the University of Western Ontario. During his last year of law school, Roman was a supervisor with the school’s legal aid funded clinic. Roman was called to the Ontario Bar in 2006 and practiced civil and commercial litigation until his election in 2018. He served as Chair of the Ontario Provincial Parliament’s Standing Committee on Justice Policy from September 2019 until January 2021.

Roman is an occasional lecturer at an after-school program, engaging high school students on constitutional and criminal law topics. He loves Canadian kindness, the Toronto Raptors and his special someone, Nancy Marchese.

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