Robert Trivers is an American evolutionary biologist and sociobiologist. He proposed the theory of Reciprocal Altruism, in a paper that he published in 1971, linked below. Trivers was awarded the 2007 Crafoord Prize in Biosciences for analysis and contributions to the theory of social evolution, conflict, and cooperation.

In this episode, Robert Trivers and I talk about reciprocal altruism, deception and self-deception as adaptive strategies, genuine victims and reducing vulnerability, and much more. Thanks for watching.

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—Chapters—[0:00] Intro[1:50] Reciprocal Altruism[9:41] Why Focus On Morality Issues?[12:34] Reciprocal Altruism and Society[16:35] Robert Trivers’ First Paper and Initial Research[19:13] Competition and Cooperation[20:22] Deception and Self-Deception[22:57] Cues of Deception[23:41] Robert Trivers’ Loss of Short Term Memory[25:05] An Example of Passive Self-Deception[33:41] The Complexity of Confrontation[35:48] The Danger of Undermining a Core Belief[37:51] How Depressive Thinking Cascades[39:00] Thoughts on Suicide and Prison[43:43] Crafting a Deception[47:20] There Is No Decent Place to Stand in a Massacre[48:16] Genuine Victims and Reducing Vulnerability[52:24] Distinguishing Competence from Power[56:11] Self-Deception as an Adaptive Strategy[58:47] Is there an Optimal Strategy?[59:56] Female Selection[1:03:27] Mimicry as a Form of Deception[1:11:06] Defining a Narcissist[1:12:55] Psychopathy in the General Population[1:18:45] Rivers’ Thoughts on Donald Trump[1:29:08] Nepotism and Psychopathy[1:32:24] The Biological Evolution of Homosexuality[1:37:27] Homophobia and Homosexual Arousal[1:39:06] Defining a Narcissist, Revisited[1:41:10] Manic Excitability[1:45:29] Closing Comments

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