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Peterson draws upon his extensive research and relatable real-life experiences to illustrate how to develop attainable goals for intimate relationships, meaningful friendships, and your career. Transform the chaotic potential of the future into actuality — with a vision.

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and economist Peter Schiff discuss the gold standard, the corruption and impending failure of the fiat system in the wake of inflation, why politicians are pushing inflation to astronomical new levels, and why they’re lying about it.

Peter Schiff is an economist, financial broker, author, frequent guest on national news, and host of the podcast, “the Peter Schiff Show.” Starting in 2005 Schiff took notice of the red flags signaling that economic unrest was looming, and correctly predicted the 2008 housing crisis. His attempts to warn the general public across a multitude of news and radio networks earned him the nickname “Dr. Doom,” and ever since then he has been looked on as a source not only to watch, but heavily consider.

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(0:00) Coming up
(1:39) Intro
(2:16) What you should know about inflation
(6:13) Decades of bought elections
(9:49) Inflation is another form of tax
(13:55) The gold standard, keeping politicians honest
(21:10) The fraud behind calculating inflation
(23:09) The CPI is rigged to mask the truth
(27:37) How home ownership factors into inflation
(31:39) US Debt and why they are redefining inflation
(32:58) You wouldn’t ask the mafia for crime statistics
(35:21) Why not defer our debt to the future?
(38:16) The dollar will collapse if we stay this course
(41:32) What is the least unreliable currency?
(44:20) The deficit versus the debt
(47:22) The trade deficit, our main export is money
(53:03) Why central banks will go back to gold
(55:47) Why does gold have intrinsic value?
(59:08) Three conditions for money to work
(1:00:10) Crypto, Bitcoin, the store of value
(1:05:29) Why we don’t have a gold-backed digital currency
(1:11:44) The free market combats GOV monopolies
(1:15:04) Look at gold as money
(1:20:53) Should you invest in index funds?
(1:27:20) Buy into international companies
(1:28:57) Advice for investment beginners
(1:32:12) The timeline for the US dollar’s collapse


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