Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and 2024 presidential candidate Chris Christie discuss the disproportional power of teachers unions, the seemingly perpetual state of the Ukraine/Russia war, the real impact of the Biden laptop scandal, and why Donald Trump might not be the right Republican candidate going forward.

Chris Christie is an American lawyer, politician, lobbyist, author, and former federal prosecutor who served as the 55th Governor of New Jersey (2010 to 2018).

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– Chapters –

(0:00) Tour Dates
(0:52) Coming up
(1:20) Intro
(2:15) We’ve gotten too small in terms of our politics
(7:25) On education: public and private schooling
(13:48) The radicals have a death grip on academia
(18:40) Parents V. The Teachers Unions
(26:04) On foreign policy: Russian, Ukraine, China
(33:34) President Xi literally said it
(33:05) The barbarism of the Russia/Ukraine war
(34:20) What happens when the world destabilizes an ambitious country
(36:34) This proxy war will shape our future with China
(42:01) Our only options are “all out” or “all in”
(46:08) China is our number one priority
(49:53) Why Christie has become skeptical of Donald Trump
(58:05) Christie: “Biden and Trump both need to be removed”
(1:03:42) Running on anti-corruption

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