Every month (or as close as I can get), I answer questions from the generous people who support me on Patreon. This is the Patreon Q & A from August 2018.

0:00:57 – Announcements
0:06:33 – (Q#1) How are you?
0:12:04 – (Q#2) What can a too-agreeable young woman do to be more disagreeable and assertive if that isn’t how she is temperamentally inclined
0:17:52 – (Q#3) How do you know if you’re communicating with the actual person or a mask? Can you ever really know someone?
0:19:45 – (Q#4) What new wisdom have you acquired in the past few months?
0:33:24 – (Q#5) If too much masculinity is tyranny but the right amount is order, and too much femininity is chaos, what’s the word for the right amount of femininity?
0:34:48 – (Q#6) Is it better to marry someone with your temperament or a contrasting, complementary temperament?
0:37:54 – (Q#7) It seems like your message is primarily positive-masculine, whereas the positive-feminine is not elaborated with near the same resolution. What do you think?
0:42:52 – (Q#8) I’m quite shy and when asked questions in public I find it hard to articulate a good answer but will come up with a strong response hours or days later. Any advice?
0:44:21– (Q#9) What causes a person to hoard?
0:45:53– (Q#10) Which Hogwarts house would you be sorted into?
0:46:23– (Q#11) What’s your take on an astrological basis for significant dates in religious stories? Ex. the notion that Christian religion is a parody on the worship of the sun.
0:48:09 – (Q#12) My brother (29) is sick at home with burnout; he’s a perfectionist and has anxiety and trouble dealing with stress. How can I help him become stronger?
0:50:20 – (Q#13) How do you dress so well? Any tips?
0:53:47 – (Q#14) You have written an article on how to write. Can you do the same on how to speak?
1:01:48 – (Q#15) Thoughts on the Eastern idea of moving away from excessive thinking into the awareness beyond thinking.
1:09:29 – (Q#16) If he who is invited to the largest possible number of games is also the person that goes to conquer the unknown, could this lie in reciprocal altruism?
1:12:41 – (Q#17) Please confirm if your Harry Potter Patronus would a be frog
1:13:48 – (Q#18) I scored exceptionally low on conscientiousness, industriousness, and orderliness. What can I do for motivation?
1:15:34 – (Q#19) What do you think about Alice Miller and her thesis that most psychological diseases and aberrant behaviour are the result of childhood trauma?
1:18:07 – (Q#20) What if the truth could unravel your entire life?
1:19:38 – (Q#21) I think what put you over with so many of us is the constructive message of how to be a good person. Do you think that’s where the media want you to go?
1:23:46 – (Q#22) Would you agree with CS. Lewis that “if you look for truth, you may find comfort; if you look for comfort, you will find despair”

Recommended Book:

Aion: Researches Into the Phenomenology of the Self – Carl Jung

www.selfauthoring.com and www.understandmyself.com. The former is a writing program, to help you sort out your past, present and future; the latter a personality test that offers you a Big Five profile with each of the traits broken into their two aspects.

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