Happy New Year. This is the first of this year’s Q and A’s. I am going to answer audience questions, as usual, as well as discussing my next book, my impending departure from Patreon, and my upcoming tour to Switzerland, California, Australia and New Zealand.

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[Announcements] [1] 0:01:14 – Leaving Patreon in protest of recent banning of Carl Benjamin from the platform[2] 0:03:24 – Working on new book, tentatively titled: “Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life”. List of rules included (see below). Estimated publication in Jan 2020.[3] 0:06:00 – Upcoming locations for 12 Rules Tour: Zurich, Australia, New Zealand[4] 0:06:53 – Podcast release coming up with General Stanley McChrystal on his new book “Leaders: Myth and Reality”[5] 0:07:30 – Recap of 2018, 50% discount on Future Authoring program
0:12:30 – (Q1) Can you talk about your own experiences / methods for “shadow integration”?
0:25:28 – (Q2) How can I help my parents to sort themselves out? How can I talk about the resentment of my childhood in a way that benefits them instead of giving them guilt?
0:39:47 – (Q3) It took me 7 months, but I completed the Self Authoring Suite. I’m still not motivated to do anything and waste all of my time. What do I do?
0:47:31 – (Q4) I’m consumed by envy. I can hardly stand to read, watch, or listen to anyone more successful than myself. How am I aiming wrong?
0:55:38 – (Q5) How would you advise a person who has the courage to defy the crowd but doesn’t have the verbal skills to debate in real time?
1:01:01 – (Q6) The Tao Te Ching speaks of acting naturally. How is one to change and better their condition without unnaturally manipulating their world?
1:07:02 – Q&A disrupted by a puppy rolling a bone upstairs ^_^
1:10:34 – (Q7) I agree we don’t live in a tyrannical patriarchy. Can you provide a better explanation for the iniquities women faced, especially the delay in voting rights?
1:17:45 – (Q8) You have talked about earning your knowledge. How do you define this? When is it okay to debate ideas like yours if they are not your own?
1:23:45– (Q9) Have you ever considered having a debate with Slavoj Zizek? *
1:24:59– (Q10) How do you maintain a stable identity when you are plagued by bouts of depression and anxiety?
1:33:51– (Q11) How are you always so consistently composed and confident?
1:40:22 – (Q12) How do you manage to read so much?
1:45:35 – (Q13) There are many drug-addicted and homeless people in my city, and it keeps getting worse. How do you help people who don’t want to be helped?
1:48:43 – (Q14) How do I stop ruminating? These thoughts are recurring and relate to any and every embarrassing moment I’ve had (I’m a 76-year-old woman)
1:51:16 – (Q15) What’s the best method to retain what you read and be able to use it in conversation?
1:53:54 – (Q16) I just found out that’s I’m having a girl. How can I raise her to think for herself and not fall into the modes of thinking proposed by popular culture?

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