Dave Rubin is the creator and host of The Rubin Report. He is the author of Don’t Burn This Book and Don’t Burn This Country, and the co-founder of the community building platform Locals.

In this episode, Dave Rubin and I discuss the evolution of his lifestyle, the recent Leftist push of transgender ideology, and much more.

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– Chapters –

(0:00) Coming up
(0:47) Intro
(3:01) What it means to be Gay
(6:08) The need for being a parent, and the rarity of exception
(7:44) Role models and “brotherhood of the marginalized”
(8:42) Inklings of starting a family
(9:53) This is an important conversation
(11:09) What marriage is
(13:48) Psychological health through partnership
(15:29) How Rubin was able to have a child
(20:38) A family with two fathers, what does that mean?
(21:25) Paternal and maternal parental roles
(24:12) Realities of what might be lacking, and how to mitigate
(25:59) Sustained adolescence is an important factor
(28:00) Historically associated flamboyance, seeds of normalcy
(30:22) Secular acceptance is necessary to mitigate fetishizing cardinal desire
(32:44) Are all families equal? Falling short of the ideal
(35:35) Shirking the ideal is not the answer for the margins
(38:11) Who should society stop from having kids?
(40:34) The conversation must be acceptable, even if uncomfortable
(42:50) Genetic similarity is an important factor
(47:48) Trying to live towards the most inherent good
(50:09) Losing truth and false unification
(51:35) Ken Zucker, the victimized 80 percent
(53:50) The trans movement is extremely anti-gay
(56:03) The banning of conversion therapy
(58:44) Dave Rubins role in our changing culture
(59:52) When you change fundamental structures…
(1:01:48) You are villainized even for studying gender dysphoria
(1:03:51) All encompassing tolerance is really a complete lack of discipline
(1:07:08) Creativity is an abundant trait among LGBT people

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