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Dr Jordan B Peterson and Dr. Yoram Hazony discuss the major problems plaguing today’s youths, such as the resurgence of Marxism under the guise of woke morality, the creation of aimless social hierarchies that leave participants devoid of meaning, and the complete lack of respect for adverse thinking that has lead to the deterioration of our foundational principles.

Dr. Yoram Hazony is an Israeli author, philosopher, political theorist, and Bible scholar. In 1994, Dr. Hazony founded the Shalem Center in Jerusalem, which became Shalem College in 2013. Being the first liberal arts college in Israel, it attracted widespread attention, followed by much acclaim as many of the country’s renowned intellectuals joined its staff. Hazony has also served as director of the John Templeton Foundation’s project in Jewish Philosophical Theology, as well as a member of the Israel Council for Higher Education committee. Dr. Hazony has published many books, his 2018 work, The Virtue of Nationalism, being awarded Conservative Book of the Year in 2019. He also maintains a regularly published blog, Jerusalem Letters, that explores the topics of philosophy, politics, Judaism, Israel, and higher education. Other writings by Dr. Hazony have been published in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and American Affairs.

Dr Peterson’s extensive catalog is available now on DailyWire+: https://utm.io/ueSXh


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— Chapters —

(0:00) Coming Up
(0:54) Intro
(1:51) Rediscovery
(3:00) Cultural revolution
(6:33) Stored cultural capital
(10:00) Sanity and marxism
(15:43) Meaning and service
(22:00) Hierarchy, tyranny, and the tribe
(31:43) Widespread misconceptions on Conservatism
(37:36) Mutation, genetic/hierarchical stabilization
(44:20) Constitutional Axioms, British common law
(50:50) Redefining the fundamentals
(57:23) Entropy and Iliad
(1:00:35) The Flood, myth across culture
(1:05:25) The call to responsibility, utopian schemes
(1:10:15) Parenting, shedding adolescence
(1:13:29) The case for faith,
(1:17:20) Abraham, the call to adventure
(1:19:55) To honor those around you
(1:26:00) Integral liberalism, the lack of filter
(1:29:45) Common respect, breaking down tribalism
(1:34:20) The act of judgment
(1:37:30) Why tilt Conservative?

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