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Peterson draws upon his extensive research and relatable real-life experiences to illustrate how to develop attainable goals for intimate relationships, meaningful friendships, and your career. Transform the chaotic potential of the future into actuality — with a vision.

Dr Jordan B Peterson and Jeff Sandefer discuss the k-12 education machine, its origins and failures, and how the Acton Academies are making leaps to correct the system.

Jeff Sandefer is an entrepreneur and Socratic teacher. He started his first business at 16 and graduated from Harvard Business School. Jeff has started and runs many successful companies, his most recent being Sandefer Capital Partners, an oil and gas investment firm with several billion dollars in assets. He has also started multiple academic programs and schools, such as the Acton School of Business, whose students were named the “most competitive MBA’s in the nation” by the Princeton Review. This has since extended into k-12 with the Acton Academy, a cutting-edge program that blends a one-room schoolhouse, the Socratic Method, and 21st-century technology to empower each student to change the world.

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Start an Acton Academy: “21st century learning in one-room schoolhouse.”

Children’s Business Fair: “young entrepreneurs gather to launch neighborhood businesses.”

Courage to Grow: “Acton Academy’s origin story, for entrepreneurial parents.”

– Chapters –

(0:00) Coming up
(1:25) Intro
(3:05) Business, incentive, and starting early
(6:45) Socratic teaching, the case method
(8:23) Toward your next step
(11:40) The judgment of Moses
(12:30) Fascination with questions
(13:41) Fathers, reaching the top
(16:17) Joe Rogan, the breadth of reach
(18:50) Ask a stupid question
(21:00) Building the Acton program
(25:30) The origin of education
(28:58) Every child is a genius
(32:30) Approaches to teaching
(33:35) Regardless of IQ…
(35:03) Experiments in culture
(39:20) Grading by effort, attainment, and social investment
(43:08) No.1 in 18 months, franchising
(46:20) Don’t worry if your child isn’t speaking yet
(50:01) Auditing students, accountability
(51:40) Gaming the system, control mechanisms
(54:05) Markers for toxic students
(58:09) The influence of testosterone at 13
(59:30) Offsetting the Pareto distribution
(1:01:20) Gratitude as a practice
(1:03:50) Acton apprenticeships
(1:08:35) The success of education belongs to the students
(1:10:25) Freud, the devouring mother
(1:12:13) Playing games to develop culture
(1:18:09) Identifying the problem is crucial
(1:21:26) Socratic discussion
(1:23:20) Opposing sides
(1:25:01) Pageau: distributed responsibility and nested games
(1:27:12) The three meaningful questions even 8-year-olds ask
(1:31:20) Launch-padders, prestige versus competence
(1:33:35) Adjuncts, the internet, and the depletion of the current model
(1:37:45) The teachers we remember
(1:40:00) Domains of learning and ideological capture
(1:42:20) Woke culture and the victim mentality
(1:44:21) Age, wealth, and biological capitol
(1:46:45) Temple Grandin
(1:48:15) Higher education and finding your calling
(1:52:35) The importance of Vision


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