Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Dr. James Lindsay break down how Marxism evolved from a singular ideology into a genus, spawning many oppressor/oppressed dogmas across modern culture such as equity, critical race theory, and queer theory. They trace these sub-Marxist doctrines back past fundamental narrative into the theological realm, and detail their utility in the acquisition of power. Dr. Peterson and Dr. Lindsay also discuss the Grievance Studies Affair, of which Dr. Lindsay was a co-author and which casts a spotlight on the Marxist capture of our academic and scientific institutions.

An author, mathematician, and political commentator, Dr. James Lindsay has written eight books spanning a range of subjects including education, postmodern theory, and critical race theory. Dr. Lindsay is the founder of New Discourses, an organization dedicated to shining the light of objective truth in subjective darkness. Dr. Lindsay is the co-author of “Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity―and Why This Harms Everybody” and the author of “Race Marxism,” as well as, “The Marxification of Education.” Dr. Lindsay has been a featured guest on Fox News, Glenn Beck, Joe Rogan, and NPR, and he has spoken at the Oxford Union and the EU Parliament.

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Race Marxism (Book): https://amzn.to/3RYZ0tY

Cynical Theories (Book): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1634312023/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=1634312023&linkCode=as2&tag=newdiscourses-20&linkId=5349986ff015163a02e68c57138dcf6d

– Chapters –

(0:00) Coming up
(0:32) Intro
(1:30) 175 flights, the life of a public speaker
(4:00) The EU speech
(5:06) Why “Woke” is Marxism
(6:27) The relation of Postmodernism and Marxism
(10:14) Marxism is a genus
(11:27) The fundamental core, prince of power
(12:49) Gnostic heresies, the inversion of praxis
(15:24) “There is always a power dynamic”
(20:05) The undercurrent of resentment
(22:31) Cane and Able, second rate sacrifice
(25:41) The demi-urge
(29:42) When the world doesn’t unfold at your feet
(31:17) God demands humility
(32:38) Bitter times
(37:09) Becoming a massage therapist
(41:42) The New Atheist Movement
(42:59) Getting beat by life
(45:08) The Grievance Studies Affair
(48:23) Counting arguments, proving what’s true
(52:15) How a STEM mind aids philosophy
(57:22) Unconstrained creativity
(58:46) Getting around authority, PhD equivalence
(1:01:12) Why provoke academia?
(1:03:43) When an entity stores up value…
(1:04:38) False narrative of antagonism between science and religion
(1:07:54) The power of axioms, the axiom of infinity
(1:08:57) Replacing credentials with DEI statements
(1:11:47) Since publishing the Hoax Papers
(1:13:42) Gratitude is the opposite of bitterness
(1:15:19) Rank ordering students into a privilege caste
(1:17:02) The best camouflage for serpents is compassion
(1:17:43) Measuring predictors of left wing Totalitarianism
(1:20:07) The case for segregating the anonymous online
(1:22:03) Jonah, holding your tongue when you need to speak
(1:26:09) The natural progression of the Marxism genus
(1:29:09) Starting with critical race theory
(1:30:02) The “they” behind these movements
(1:31:19) The WEF, the Great Reset
(1:34:40) How tyrants use fear, how to tell a tyrant from a good leader
(1:37:37) The Great Narrative for a Better Future
(1:39:39) Why you can’t have 170 priorities
(1:42:23) What the peasants get
(1:44:23) Cosmic jokes and evil clowns

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