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Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and parkour expert Rafe Kelley discuss the importance of rough-and-tumble play for developing children, how a lifestyle centered around movement can expand our grasp and involvement with the natural world, and why society should value masculine activities, rather than adhering to the push for feminization in all aspects of modern life.

Rafe Kelley is an entrepreneur and advocate for a lifestyle centered around human movement. He suffered at a young age from ADHD, causing him to struggle in school. As it would happen, he came into contact with a mentor who recognized his need for play, encouraged time in nature, and taught him to productively roughhouse. This quickly resulted in Kelley advancing in his studies, launching him on his life path. In college, he studied anthropology and evolutionary biology, falling in love with martial arts and parkour along the way. He would go on to establish the first parkour gym on the west coast, Parkour Visions, before developing a new fitness lifestyle based on primal movement that Kelley calls “Evolve, Move, Play.”

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(0:00) Coming Up
(1:57) Intro
(3:33) Rafe’s early childhood and ADHD
(5:18) The balance between the mother and father roles
(7:24) Early age crisis and mentorship
(10:57) Play and murder
(13:00) The expansion of reflex
(15:22) Cultural need for roughhousing
(18:50) Provocation and response
(22:22) Dogs need to jaw-spar
(24:39) Why people tease each other
(25:03) Lunch Bucket, initiating play
(27:08) A game that scales, low resolution maps
(30:50) Banning tag, 7 minute recess
(33:10) Women and rough-and-tumble play
(35:38) Identity confusion is late game exploratory play
(38:47) Video games out-compete traditional play
(41:39) 5 fundamental connections with the world
(44:01) Playing with children, building confidence
(51:10) Laughter on the deeper level, learning the rules
(53:35) Tools and targets
(55:30) Wrestling with god: the physical deepens the spiritual
(57:39) Animals, play, and competence hierarchies
(1:00:23) Rats, micro-victories and micro-defeats
(1:04:26) Playing with a less-abled partner, self handicap
(1:07:00) Parkour: exploratory locomotive play
(1:09:50) The jump that calls to you
(1:11:03) The highest obstacle is the greatest affordance
(1:15:34) Scaling parkour down for the uninitiated
(1:17:06) Jack White, playing on the edge
(1:18:31) Movement variation, multi-level DNA mapping
(1:22:41) Invoking the spirit of voluntary challenge
(1:23:59) Hostile brothers, dueling spirits
(1:25:34) Mapping physical and emotional courage
(1:32:34) Evolve. Move. Play.


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