Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Dr. Karl Friston discuss the world as we perceive it through micro narratives, how those narratives exist within a structured hierarchy, and how we can manipulate the system, and thus change our own mindsets.

Dr. Karl Friston is a renowned neuroscientist, and one of the leading researchers in brain imagery. He is credited for inventing statistical parametric mapping, an international standard for the analysis of imaging data. His work also pertains to the free energy principle, and predictive coding theory. Currently, he works as a professor of neuroscience at the University College London.

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— Chapters —

(0:00) Coming up
(1:04) Intro
(2:43) The binding of entropy
(5:25) Motivation and Fantasy
(15:00) Hierarchy of micro narratives
(29:30) Frans de Waal, the paradox in prediction
(37:50) Inference and assuming the story
(46:15) Dopamine and diatic narratives
(54:33) Serotonin, the depressive mindset
(1:07:31) Acetylcholine
(1:10:29) The need to minimize free energy
(1:16:48) The left and right hemisphere
(1:22:20) Psychedelics and functional narratives

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