Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Zach Lahn discuss the Wonder School, a Socratic-based education system in Wichita, Kansas. They delve into the value of learner-driven education, the origins of the American school system as a means to create obedient factory workers, and the true role of schools in shaping a child’s character. They also walk through a day in the life of a Wonder Leaner, the curriculum designed to help inspire these students toward their true calling, and exactly why this unconventional approach might be well worth your consideration as a parent.

Zach Lahn is the co-founder of Wonder, a learner-driven school in Wichita, Kansas, with the mission of helping young people find their calling and preparing them to change the world. His background in business has been as a founder of a search fund focused on acquiring and building small to medium companies. Prior to founding Wonder, Zach managed U.S. Congressional and Senatorial campaigns and raised funds for startup companies and nonprofit organizations. He now spends nearly all of his time at school with his six kids and with his wife, building a regenerative farm on his family’s ancestral homestead in Iowa.

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The Wonder School http://www.daringtowonder.com/

– Chapters –

(0:00) Coming up
(0:27) Intro
(1:15) The need for a new model
(5:46) What is most important for children to learn?
(6:57) Agency over skillset
(9:45) Self Authoring
(12:43) Origin of the American education system
(15:44) competing systems
(17:36) The Wonder schedule
(21:28) Kids live in a meta narrative
(22:23) The education of character
(23:47) Akira the Don, active learning
(27:36) Mixed age classes
(30:20) Inspiring development and leadership
(31:31) Necessary freedom
(33:07) Socratic discussion, mentors
(37:05) Khan Academy
(39:20) Goals for kindergarten
(40:04) Compared to public school
(41:51) Tuition
(43:20) The problem with measurement
(44:30) Self tracking and public peer review
(50:00) Two behaviors that cannot work in school
(51:26) If not rectified by the age of 4…
(52:49) Gamified learning
(54:03) Freedom hours
(56:49) Are Wonder graduates prepared?
(58:14) How conflicts are handled
(1:01:13) All learning is self-learning
(1:04:25) When initiative is scorned
(1:07:54) How to determine what learners read
(1:09:18) Why self help books are so useful
(1:10:34) Why children don’t like reading
(1:12:17) Book review review
(1:15:09) Badge plan
(1:19:10) Aims of each age group
(1:22:18) The power in apprenticeships
(1:28:50) Approach to high school, the “next great adventure”
(1:32:05) Success of the model
(1:34:03) Be ready for a journey

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