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Peterson draws upon his extensive research and relatable real-life experiences to illustrate how to develop attainable goals for intimate relationships, meaningful friendships, and your career. Transform the chaotic potential of the future into actuality — with a vision.

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Senator Mike Lee discuss the ever present conflict between Ukraine and Russia, the role of the United States in that conflict via proxy war, the rise of ESG investing, why the top investment firms do not care about your values, and what Senator Lee plans to do about it.

Elected in 2010 as Utah’s 16th Senator, Mike Lee has spent his career defending the fundamental liberties of all Americans and advocating for America’s founding constitutional principles. Senator Lee acquired a deep respect for the Constitution early in life while watching his father, Rex E. Lee, serve as the Solicitor General under President Ronald Reagan. He attended most of his father’s arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court, giving him a unique and up-close understanding of our government. Lee graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Political Science, and served as BYU’s Student Body President in his senior year. Senator Lee serves as the Ranking Republican on the Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy, and Consumer Rights, in addition to serving on the Energy and Natural Resources Subcommittee on Public Lands, Forests, and Mining and the Committee on the Budget.

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(0:00) Coming up
(1:46) Intro
(2:37) What is the West aiming at?
(4:12) The reasonable case for war
(6:25) The US perspective
(9:54) Over 100 billion
(11:30) Collusion and a lack of oversight
(14:58) We are basically at war
(16:22) Who are the recipients of our money?
(18:10) Are NATO countries at risk?
(22:44) Governance by single pixel tweet
(25:50) Caught in the bandsaw
(29:35) Why aren’t we negotiating for peace?
(32:11) The story Americans are told
(36:39) Fentanyl and other pressing issues on the Homefront
(37:55) Biden and the Red Stage
(40:14) Why speak up on Russia?
(41:35) Is this a Republican issue?
(44:37) Wars are used by governments to consolidate power
(47:55) If Trump were president right now…
(48:48) Desantis and needed skepticism
(49:35) The need for a concrete plan
(52:35) Ukraine wants to take back Crimea
(54:26) The meaning of the Third Commandment
(58:55) Eternal truths and undeserved virtue
(1:03:10) Social credit: the future of monetized virtue
(1:04:55) The problems we collapse into a singularity
(1:07:10) ESG’s and gaming the system
(1:08:05) A resolution of disapproval
(1:09:54) The lies of Vanguard and Blackrock
(1:14:59) China and the free market
(1:18:23) On a collision course with reality
(1:21:15) ESG discussion will be a major campaign point
(1:22:34) Vivek Ramaswamy: fighting back
(1:24:07) The American people will not take this
(1:25:32) Senator Lee’s priorities
(1:28:20) Decentralizing power
(1:30:55) Responsibility and hierarchy
(1:34:15) Finding happiness in one’s work
(1:36:18) Brooding omnipresence
(1:37:09) Joy comes from advancing towards a goal
(1:39:31) Feeling the distance
(1:41:55) Closing remarks


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