This episode was recorded on May 13th 2021 In today’s episode, Dr. Jordan Peterson sits down with four vocal members of the #Bitcoin community for an introduction to the world of #cryptocurrencies. Together, they cover a variety of topics ranging from the intricacies of Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies and #blockchain security, to philosophical opinions on the utility of money, ideal economics, and mapping value. He is joined by John Vallis, host of the Bitcoin Rapid-Fire podcast that brings on the industry’s experts to discuss world-changing technology. Richard James, the creator of the film Hard Money which digs deep into the corrupted nature of what money has become. Gigi Der, a software engineer who writes code for Bitcoin, and author of 21 Lessons: What I’ve Learned from Falling Down the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole. And Robert Breedlove, ex-hedge fund manager, philosopher in the Bitcoin space, and host of The “What is Money?” Show. For more on today’s guests: John Vallis’ podcast:… Richard James’ movie: Gigi’s book: Robert Breedlove’s podcast:… The opinions expressed in the video are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide education about the financial industry.

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