Dr. Robert P. Murphy is an Austrian School economist, Research Fellow at the Independent Institute, and Senior Fellow at the Mises Institute.

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This episode of The Jordan Peterson Podcast covers topics such as value, free trade, private property, and minimum wage laws. They also dedicate time to discuss the specialization of individual tasks, interest rates, the Business Cycle, and more engrossing matters. 

Being the author of multiple books, from Lessons for the Young Economist, to The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism, Dr. Murphy does not hold back with his economic and political discussions. He continues to highlight his views in his other book, Choice: Cooperation, Enterprise, and Human Interaction, which is a modern distillation on the school of Austrian economics. 

Dr. Murphy’s website: https://consultingbyrpm.com/

Dr. Murphy’s bio: https://bit.ly/38qiNyk

Dr. Murphy’s Book: “Choice: Cooperation, Enterprise, and Human Action” https://www.independent.org/store/book.asp?id=116

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