Over the last few weeks, we have put together a series entitled “Meaning, Awe and the Conceptualization of God” for the Jordan B Peterson Podcast. This series was built around investigating the various methods and practices that humans use to conceptualize God. This investigation leads us down the path of exploring meaning and awe. Why are we struck by awe when viewing a beautiful painting? Why does walking inside the door of a great Cathedral take our breath away? What is the relationship between these experiences and God?

Featured in this compilation:  Jonathan Pageau, John Vervaeke, Bishop Robert Barron, Stephen Blackwood, Roland Griffiths, Iain McGilchrist, Stephen Fry, Randall Wallace, and Word on Fire Institute (Christopher Kaczor and Matthew Petrusek). This series was released in three parts on all audio platforms.

The series was popular enough for us to make a video version of the series, and we decided to put them all together in one video. Subscribe to the Jordan B Peterson Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and everywhere else that you listen to podcasts.

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