Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Robert Bryce discuss the topics from his latest book, “A Question of Power: Electricity and the Wealth of Nations,” the current audacity of the zero-emissions agenda, its effects on the developing world, the feasibility of coal and nuclear power, the catastrophic problems related to wind and solar power, and the positive vision for the future we can all share, should our institutions finally drop the doomsday narrative.

Robert Bryce is an author, podcaster, and film producer. He has been writing about energy, power, politics, and innovation for more than three decades. He is the acclaimed author of six books on energy and innovation, including most recently, A Question of Power: Electricity and the Wealth of Nations. Bryce has given more than 400 invited or keynote lectures to groups ranging from the Marines Corps War College to the Sydney Institute as well as to a wide variety of associations, universities, and corporations. His articles have been published in dozens of publications including The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Forbes, Real Clear Energy, The Hill, and Guardian. Bryce has also appeared on a panoply of media outlets ranging from Fox News to Al Jazeera.

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Roberts latest book: “A Question of Power: Electricity and the Wealth of Nations.” https://www.amazon.com/Question-Power-Electricity-Wealth-Nations/dp/1610397495

FREE to watch: “Juice: How Electricity Explains The World,” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYMXNn56kTo

– Chapters –

(0:00) Coming up
(0:32) Intro
(1:42) Let them eat solar panels, Angola
(5:12) Why write about energy?
(7:04) The German power catastrophe
(10:40) Zero victory, California
(14:44) Drive the cost down, the stark truth
(16:29) How electricity affects women and girls
(21:34) Will we run out of fossil fuels?
(24:06) The world has greened 15 percent
(25:24) Nuclear now
(32:45) Standardizing reactors
(36:45) Trivial emissions from the West
(38:30) The iron law of electricity
(40:37) On the threshold of poverty
(42:58) Where religion overlaps the climate narrative
(48:14) On the alter of Gaia
(49:02) The progression of power across wealth class
(52:49) The reality of “clean” coal
(56:44) The zero emissions narrative is losing steam
(57:46) Wind power is insanely unreliable
(59:59) How power density works
(1:01:40) Land area needed to power America with wind
(1:03:30) Tax credits for producing renewables
(1:06:30) No accountability for animal death toll
(1:09:16) The environmental betrayal
(1:13:09) How we got to the “Just Stop Oil” form of protest
(1:15:35) 47 percent of the world lives in electricity poverty
(1:18:08) Changing the narrative
(1:21:21) Energy developers push out rural farmers
(1:23:47) Are solar and wind really renewable?
(1:26:37) Supply chain issues being overlooked
(1:30:11) Who builds our renewable tech?
(1:32:17) Why we can’t just replace an industry, grid issues
(1:36:44) Striving toward affordability and reliability

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