Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Eric Edmeades discuss his early experiences with homelessness, the extent and detriment of alcoholism, the changes you can make to restructure your physiological responses, the relationship between trust and sales, and the world of possibility that opens when you embrace the unknown, the potentially dangerous, and above all that which calls to you.

Eric Edmeades, a globally recognized keynote speaker, prolific entrepreneur, and recognized authority in health, practical psychology, and behavioral transformation, has made significant strides in the health and wellness industry. His revolutionary program, WILDFIT®, has positively transformed the lives of over a hundred thousand individuals across more than 130 countries, underscoring his innovative and impactful approach to health. Edmeades is in the process of releasing his forthcoming book, “The Evolution Gap: A Survival Guide for Modern Civilization”. This enlightening work explores the growing disconnect between our slow-moving biological evolution and our remarkable ability to innovate at a breakneck pace. Edmeades suggests that this gap is the root cause of much of today’s pain, suffering, and disease, and he provides practical strategies to bridge this divide and enhance our collective wellbeing.

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(0:00) Coming up
(0:26) Intro
(1:56) South Africa, Canada, homelessness, and alcoholism
(5:32) A good deal, living in an arcade
(8:19) Strong ties to South Africa
(9:30) The choice to leave, Megafauna
(13:24) School, work, citizenship: struggling forward
(17:42) Starting to drink, effects of alcoholism
(22:21) How alcohol boosts confidence
(27:30) Benefits of a stern father
(32:47) Contrast between parents, mother and father roles
(33:54) Rebellious phase, teenage peer groups
(36:59) Run in with a dangerous creep
(40:36) Changing the way you signal
(45:03) How parental relationships change with maturity
(46:39) Tricky policy gaps in Canada
(48:24) Native intelligence breeds unique world view
(50:00) Four dots behind the rhino
(51:57) Mastering disparate disciplines
(53:52) Door to door salesmanship
(57:35) Not attempting the sale is either selfish or telling
(1:00:27) Dating: how to introduce your career/interests in a natural way
(1:03:52) How to sell tennis shoes, implementing the facts through a story
(1:06:40) “Selling” is manipulation, the sale solves a problem
(1:08:16) The Evolution Gap: between human evolution and innovation
(1:13:46) The art of spin, relocating to England
(1:16:40) Lawn care insurance, early business acumen
(1:18:43) Buying “the Model Shop,” taking money from the wrong people
(1:20:06) Difficult times and hard choices
(1:22:04) Why “follow your passion” is not a perfect statement
(1:24:42) Taking your pain and turning it into change
(1:28:03) Archeology, discovering the “wild diet”
(1:31:54) Becoming a business speaker
(1:34:20) Tony Robbins
(1:37:10) Testing the Wild Fit diet as a hobby
(1:43:48) Being recognized as an “unsung hero”

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