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Matthieu Pageau and Dr Jordan B Peterson discuss the structure and significance of the Biblical corpus of stories, concentrating in no small part on the Genesis account of Adam and Eve.

Matthieu Pageau is a Canadian author, residing in Quebec. For two decades, he’s discussed religious philosophy and symbolism with his brother and icon carver Jonathan Pageau, a frequent guest on JBP’s YouTube channel and podcast. These discussions were part of what motivated Matthieu to write his new book, The Language of Creation: Cosmic Symbolism: A Commentary (https://amzn.to/3LVzkgj).


(0:00) Coming Up
(0:53) Intro
(3:44) Logos: a Top Down System
(11:41) Heaven, Earth, Order, Chaos
(16:20) Union of Meaning and Fact
(22:00) Opposites by Design: Adam and Eve
(29:00) The Talking Snake
(35:00) Newton vs Einstein
(40:25) Something Above the Head
(47:04) Inedible Fruit, Totalitarian Sin
(54:19) The Nature of Sin, Fractal Patterns
(1:02:10) Tetramorphic Cherubs
(1:12:00) The Flaming Sword That Turns on Itself
(1:17:13) The Beneficial Adversary
(1:27:25) Pageau’s Writing Process
(1:30:30) The Principle of Recursion
(1:40:58) Not All Interpretation is Arbitrary
(1:48:14) The Cycle of Competition
(1:59:47) Jacob and Wrestling the Angel.
(2:02:48) Avoiding Academia
(2:04:37) Hypergamous Women

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