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Applications for Ralston College’s MA in the Humanities for 2023 are now open. Dr. Peterson does not teach at Ralston.

Ralston College presents the inaugural lecture of its Chancellor, Dr Jordan B Peterson, delivered at one of the most iconic sites of the ancient world, the Library of Celsus in Ephesus. This ancient city was the birthplace of Heraclitus, the philosopher who first articulated the idea of the Logos, and the final resting place of St. John, who uses that same Greek word to name the Divine Word. In his lecture, Dr Peterson argues that the intelligibility of the world depends on the patterned regularities that are superordinate to our immediate perception; this underlying order – which, from the Greeks onward, we have called Logos – is both the horizon that enables human perception and the basis for the possibilities that we realize in the world. Such an account of our intrinsic, rational, and self-determining capacity constitutes a challenge to the assumptions of many prevailing schools of thought – such as behaviorism, rigid empiricism, and postmodernism – and lays the burden of personal ethics, and the formation of a good society, squarely on the shoulders of the individual.

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Dr Jordan Peterson

Dr Stephen Blackwood

Ralston College

Ralston College Humanities MA

– Chapters –

(0:00) Introduction
(3:30) Welcome to Ephesus
(4:32) Chancellor Jordan Peterson
(6:00) Micro and macrocosms
(8:25) The world of what matters versus world of matter
(11:00) That which dispels pain
(13:36) Pattern regularities
(21:00) Empiricism falls short, magic perception
(25:30) System of values
(32:15) Un-nested values
(36:15) Story and emulation models
(40:12) Narrative and the lens through which we view the world
(41:50) Stalin, minions of hell
(43:00) Divine is that which is deepest
(44:50) Genesis, order and chaos
(47:19) The Spirit that you walk with
(51:00) Culture, spectacle, the kingdom of God
(53:40) Jung, ethical endeavor
(57:35) Truth is the antidote to suffering

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