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The Trans movement surges across western civilization, necessitating the ego-centric fantasies of gender-dysphoric youths over what once was known commonly as indisputable reality. Helen Joyce and Dr Jordan B Peterson discuss the depths of this truly cultural battle, the dangers of a quickly growing transhumanist ideology, and the unbridled narcissism lurking at the heart of the conflict.

Helen Joyce is an Irish novelist and journalist, acting as the executive editor for events and business at the Economist in London. Before this, she trained as a mathematician, graduating from the Trinity College in Dublin, before attending Cambridge. She then acquired a PHD in geometric measure theory at the University College London. She has held many roles as a journalist, working for PLUS Magazine and Significance Magazine, both of which have an emphasis on communicating complex math and statistics to the everyday reader. Later, she would spend three years as the Economist’s foreign correspondent to Brazil, living in São Paulo. In 2018, Joyce curated a series of articles on transgender identity, which lead her to author the Sunday Times bestselling book, “Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality.”


For Helen Joyce:

Helen Joyce’s Website & Newsletter “Joyce Activated” – https://www.thehelenjoyce.com/

Helen Joyce’s Sunday Times Best Selling Book “Trans” – https://www.amazon.com/Trans-Sunday-Bestseller-Helen-Joyce/dp/0861543726/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2L25DMQRFMT6N&keywords=helen+joyce+trans&qid=1662808186&sprefix=helen+joyce+transaps157&sr=8-1

Helen Joyce is the Director of Advocacy for – https://sex-matters.org/


(0:00) – Coming Up
(0:57) – Intro
(2:22) – Writing “Trans”
(9:46) – Women and Biological Reality
(19:50) – Age Solidarity Among Women
(24:57) – Narcissism, a Key Contributor
(34:53) – Fetishes & the Unbalanced Psyche
(36:57) – Breaking the Fantasy
(42:25) – Freud & the Oedipal Complex
(48:11) – Context Defines Your Identity
(55:45) – Transhumanist “Meat Lego”
(59:40) – The Depth of the Battle, the Death of God
(1:05:54) – Lying to Children, Ellen Page
(1:10:27) – The Social Pillory

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