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Widdowson: Universities are letting free speech crumble – and they shouldn’tOttawa Citizen25 Nov
Examples abound of common sense in Canada and idiocy in AmericaThe Observer25 Nov
Christie Blatchford: UBC prof who denounced U of T colleague in gender debate has skeletons in her own classroomNational Post24 Nov
U of T professor doesn’t believe in gender neutral pronouns, criticized by UBC professor in debateThe Ubyssey24 Nov
Free speech a thing of the past on university campuses?Toronto Sun24 Nov
Pronouns and the professorToronto Star24 Nov
The English language, gender rights, free speech laws, a professor under siegeCBC International24 Nov
Trudeau opening door to ‘outright persecution’ as he fast-tracks ‘trans rights’ bathroom bill: criticLifeSite Canada24 Nov
U of T professor doesn’t believe in gender neutral pronouns, criticized by UBC professor in debateThe Ubyssey24 Nov
New Canada Bill: Hate crime to refuse gender-neutral pronounsThe Christian Institute23 Nov
Churches should ‘tremble’ at transgender agenda, professor saysThe Catholic Register23 Nov
Valley Pulpit: Are we really glorious and free?The Daily Observer22 Nov
Gender “pronoun war” is about freedom for sure, but not free speechNow Magazine22 Nov
Christie Blatchford: If gender identity debate at U of T was about free speech, then the battle is truly lostNational Post21 Nov
Professors talk Bill C-16 at U of T debateThe Medium21 Nov
The Explainer: Timeline of the Jordan Peterson controversyThe Varsity21 Nov
U of T holds forum on Bill C-16 with Peterson, Cossman, BrysonThe Varsity21 Nov
Politically IncorrectThe Weal21 Nov
Gender Identity and Gender ExpressionMy Steinbach20 Nov
Jordan Peterson debating at the University of Toronto 11/19/16Ricochet20 Nov
Prof’s fear of pronoun punishment is all too plausible: DiMannoToronto Star20 Nov
P.E.I. person wants to be referred to as neither he, nor she, but theyThe Guardian19 Nov
Yes, your pronouns are up for discussion: Neil MacdonaldCBC News19 Nov
University of Toronto professor defends right to use gender-specific pronounsGlobe and Mail19 Nov
U of T event challenges political correctnessToronto Sun19 Nov
U of T prof who refuses to use ‘made-up’ gender-neutral pronouns in tense free speech debateCanoe News19 Nov
New words trigger an abstract clash on campus: DiMannoToronto Star19 Nov
OPINION: Don’t let Jordan Peterson debate at the University of TorontoThis18 Nov
Controversial campus debates on race, sexual orientation have a fiery pastToronto Star18 Nov
Prof who refuses to use gender pronouns points to Catholicism as bulwark against extremismLifeSite Canada18 Nov
Students’ unions get ‘F’ grades in 2016 Campus Freedom IndexThe Varsity18 Nov
Heroes, Joseph Cambpell, and Jordan PetersonFuture Health18 Nov
U of T prof. Jordan Peterson will take part in campus debate on legislation on gender identityToronto Star16 Nov
Using ‘misgendered’ pronouns is ‘discrimination,’ could get you fined: Ontario Human Rights CommissionLifeSite Canada15 Nov
U of T prof to debate gender-neutral pronoun views at forumToronto Sun15 Nov
Jordan Peterson announces details of debateThe Varsity14 Nov
Forum on Bill C-16 and gender provisions of the Ontario Human Rights CodeU of T News14 Nov
White noise and public representation do not mixThe Varsity13 Nov
Drowning out discourseThe Varsity13 Nov
Debating dignityThe Varsity13 Nov
Human rights commissioner weighs in on ze and hirToronto Sun13 Nov
Yes, political correctness is an attack on free speechThe Yorker11 Nov
How to be like U of T Professor Jordan Peterson, In Six Easy StepsTorontoist10 Nov
Kevin Libin: Pipeline Political Incorrectness Must Be PunishedFinancial Post08 Nov
Jordan Peterson: The Right to Be Politically CorrectNational Post08 Nov
Barbara Kay: For Gender Marxists, Pronouns are the latest patch of Hotly Contested Terrain in the RevolutionNational Post08 Nov
In conversation with Deb MatthewsThe Varsity08 Nov
Respecting “Rules of War” in Societal Battles: Science, Sex and Hate SpeechDissident Voice08 Nov
Peterson Addresses U of TThe Medium07 Nov
Canadian university professor under fire for ‘disturbing’ refusal to use gender-neutral pronounsThe Telegraph07 Nov
Standing Up To The Campus LeftPowerline07 Nov
Letters: What About Jordan Peterson’s RightsNational Post07 Nov
Highlights from “The Campus War on Free Speech” special: Jordan Peterson, Janice Fiamengo, Ann CoulterThe Rebel07 Nov
Just Call Me ‘Nibble’, Or ElseToronto Sun07 Nov
I’m A Left Winger and I Support Jordan PetersonToronto Sun07 Nov
Canadian professor records ’emotionally disturbing’ video lecture railing against gender-neutral pronounsIndependent07 Nov
PCP Against B16The Iron Warrior06 Nov
Is discussing gender identity an issue of free speech or basic human decency?The Hamilton Spectator06 Nov
Letters: When Values ClashNational Post06 Nov
Canadian professor Jordan Peterson ignites controversy by not using gender neutral pronounsIndia Live Today05 Nov
Jordan Peterson exposes the creeping dictatorship of gender-rights movementLifeSite Canada04 Nov
U of T Professor, Jordan Peterson, refuses to use “preferred” gender pronouns640 Toronto04 Nov
Review: Stuart Jeffries’s Grand Hotel Abyss highlights the value of critical thinkingGlobe and Mail04 Nov
Christie Blatchford: Yes, the ‘gender unicorn’ is absurd, but something even wackier will followNational Post03 Nov
Why I won’t use ‘preferred’ pronouns – and why you shouldn’t eitherToronto Sun03 Nov
The new curriculum: Purple unicorns and drag queensToronto Sun03 Nov
Examining Bill C-16 and the Ontario Human Rights CodeU of T News03 Nov
U of T prof in a bindToronto Sun02 Nov
Letters: On the Fall Economic Statement: We all pay in the endNational Post02 Nov
U of T Prof Who Opposes Gender Neutral Pronouns Said ‘Social Justice Warriors’ Glued His Office Door ShutVice Media02 Nov
The Bay and political correctnessThe Suburban02 Nov
My Fight for Free Speech in Trudeau’s CanadaCatholic Herald02 Nov
A Courageous Stand Against Made-Up PronounsTroy Media01 Nov
University of Toronto Students Disrupt Speech of Professor Refusing to Use ‘Transgender’ PronounsChristian News01 Nov
U of T agrees to Hold a Forum with PetersonThe Medium31 Oct
Second free speech rally held outside Simcoe HallThe Varsity31 Oct
Welcome to the Latest Culture WarsCounter Punch31 Oct
This Halloween, your look might be looked down on: DiMannoToronto Star31 Oct
Setting the Record Straight – Why Peterson is RightPrince Arthur Herald31 Oct
Video Showing Heated Debate On Gender Pronouns And Free Speech In TorontoMTL Blog31 Oct
We Stand With Jordan PetersonOttawa Sun (Postmedia)31 Oct
Letters: Waiting for the Backlash against the LiberalsNational Post31 Oct
Rex Murphy: Jordan Peterson — a real professor, at lastNational Post30 Oct
Letters on Genderless Pronouns: There is a lot in a NameNational Post30 Oct
Once they’re done with Jordan Peterson, they’ll come for youToronto Sun29 Oct
Students Riot After Professor Declares Opposition to Law Forcing LGBT PronounsPJ Media28 Oct
Unethical to silence professor for refusing transgender pronouns, says ethicistCatholic Register27 Oct
Kelly McParland: Are Zee Ready for the Dictatorship of the Gender Warriors?National Post27 Oct
Gender Reality CheckCatholic Register27 Oct
U of T to Host Official Debate with Jordan PetersonThe Varsity27 Oct
Letters: The Speech PoliceNational Post27 Oct
Social justice warriors turn violent against students practicing free speechPatheos27 Oct
Canadian academics question Toronto’s response to ‘discrimination’Times Higher Education26 Oct
Lauren Heuser: When the government tells us how to speakNational Post26 Oct
Letters on the U.S. election: Excluding the 2%National Post26 Oct
Free speech is under attack, but Jordan Peterson stands firmNews Optimist25 Oct
U or T Letter asks Jordan Peterson to Respect Pronouns, Stop Making StatementsThe Varsity24 Oct
The Dangers of Biased ReportingThe Medium24 Oct
U of T Faculties Take ActionThe Medium24 Oct
Student groups issue statements about Jordan Peterson’s lecturesThe Varsity24 Oct
Join Pussy Grabs Back Toronto’s Trump and rape culture protestNow Magazine24 Oct
Letters: Excluding the 2%National Post24 Oct
Sibley: Blame the intellectuals for our politically correct language conflictsOttawa Citizen24 Oct
No, the Trans Rights Bill Doesn’t Criminalize Free SpeechVice Media24 Oct
Political correctness killing free speechToronto Star24 Oct
Life befuddling enough without 31 gendersCanoe24 Oct
Why universities should cherish the civil libertiesPrince Arthur Herald24 Oct
Free Speech Clashes with Gender IdentityToronto Sun23 Oct
Free speech and the cruel shackles of empathy and mutual respectRabble23 Oct
Parents should be primary educators of childrenMedicine Hat News22 Oct
The Professor Vs. The Pronoun WarriorsGlobe and Mail22 Oct
U of T professor says he won’t use gender-neutral pronouns, even under threat of a human rights complaintThe Mississauga News22 Oct
U or T Free Speech Debate Resonates Across CanadaThe Record21 Oct
Levelheaded professor refuses to use ‘genderless pronouns’ and now the faculty is in full revoltBizPac Review21 Oct
Christie Blatchford: Embattled U of T professor a warrior for common sense and plain speechNational Post21 Oct
On Jordan Peterson’s political correctness and the ‘radical left’Rabble20 Oct
U of T faculty speak out against hate speech, threats on campusMetro News20 Oct
Free Speech Rally Devolves Into Conflict, Outbursts of ViolenceFulcrum20 Oct
7 sites near University of Toronto defaced with swastikasJewish Journal20 Oct
University demands anti-PC professor use ‘correct gender pronouns’Fox News20 Oct
U of T response to professor’s gender statements seen as testing free-speech rightsGlobe and Mail20 Oct
Peterson warns America about new bill on gender-neutral pronounsThe Medium19 Oct
U of T prof told to use gender pronouns students wantToronto Sun19 Oct
University Threatens to ‘Silence’ Professor Protesting Genderless PronounsDaily Signal19 Oct
Free expression and equity go hand in hand, U of T saysU of T News19 Oct
BREAKING: U of T tells prof to stop fighting transgender pronouns, but he won’t back downLifeSite Canada19 Oct
Revisiting free speech debate on campusToronto Star18 Oct
Why You Shouldn’t User Transgender PronounsThe Federalist18 Oct
Dialogue is Important, But not at the Expense of Non-Binary CommunitiesQueens Journal18 Oct
UofT transgender community at centre of controversy following professor’s YouTube videoThe Brock Press18 Oct
University Of Toronto Professor Refuses To Recognize Gender Neutral IdentitiesThe Argus18 Oct
Peterson’s Transphobia—It’s Not Just Words: Free speech is not the same as hate speechThe Strand18 Oct
Free speech rally incites controversyThe Medium17 Oct
U of T’s Unreachable HierarchiesThe Medium17 Oct
Tensions flare at rally supporting free speech, Dr. Jordan PetersonThe Varsity17 Oct
UofT trans students worried after being threatened online following controversial comments from profMetro News17 Oct
Professor Ignites Protests By Refusing To Use Transgender PronounsThe Federalist17 Oct
Toronto Professor Criticized for Refusing to Use Genderless PronounsTranzgendr17 Oct
Transgender activists attack free speech rally defending professor who won’t say ‘ze’The College Fix17 Oct
U of T responds to transphobic threatsThe Medium15 Oct
Police investigating online threats sent to transgender people at U of TGlobe And Mail14 Oct
U of T says professor has a right to his opinion after allegations of racist, transphobic commentsOur Windsor14 Oct
What’s the issue?Times Higher Education13 Oct
Toronto professor remains undaunted in stance against ‘trans’ language amidst backlashLifeSite Canada13 Oct
University Professor: Transphobia or Free Speech?AM 640 Talk Radio13 Oct
Video: Student groups demand apology after accusations of ‘transphobic’ comments by UofT profMetro News12 Oct
Despite their best protests, Canadian universities still aren’t safe spaces for diverse voicesRabble12 Oct
U o T students say professor should apologise for transphobic commentsIndia Blooms12 Oct
We Are Non-Binary Trans People And Yes, We ExistHuffington Post11 Oct
UTMSU alleges transphobic comments of U of T professorThe Medium10 Oct
Canadian Students Demand Censure of ‘Bigoted’ Professor Who Refuses to Use ‘Correct Gender Pronouns’HeatStreet10 Oct
College Groups Demand ‘Anti Oppression Training’ After Professor Blasts Political CorrectnessThe Daily Caller10 Oct
U of T Prof Should Be Allowed to be WrongToronto Star10 Oct
Theresa May is not the Hero of Brexit: Why the Battle for Democracy is OverSpiked Podcast08 Oct
Freedom of speech and the great pronouns debate: SalutinToronto Star07 Oct
The Abolition Of MaleThe Amercican Conservative07 Oct
Letters: Who’s the real jerk — the professor who refuses to use genderless pronouns, or the activists taking him to task?National Post07 Oct
Students were told to select gender pronouns. One chose ‘His Majesty’ to protest ‘absurdity.’Washington Post07 Oct
When Rebel Media Reporters Fake Being Trans, They’re Not Doing JournalismTorontoist07 Oct
U of T Professor’s Stand Against Genderless Pronouns Draws FireGlobe and Mail07 Oct
Toronto prof assailed over anti-PC campaign: pushes back by urging students to joinLifeSite Canada06 Oct
Free speech in the smallest thingFairview Post06 Oct
Gender neutrality and the death of Tom, Dick & HarryToronto Sun06 Oct
Teach-in and rally held in response to Jordan Peterson’s comments on genderThe Varsity06 Oct
Prof attacks ‘political correctness’ in genderless pronouns, Bill C-16CTV News05 Oct
I Won’t Play the PC GameSpiked Podcast05 Oct
Even Hollywood is Battling PC MadnessWND05 Oct
Stop being a jerk over someone’s pronoun preference — they’re human beings, not issuesNational Post05 Oct
Why We Should Stand Up For Trans Rights and Recognition at the University of TorontoTorontoist04 Oct
U of T Professor Against Gender Pronouns and Trigger Warnings Traumatized By BacklashStrand04 Oct
Canadian professor slams university ‘political correctness’Times Higher Education04 Oct
U of T community responds to Jordan Peterson on gender identitiesVarsity03 Oct
Watson: Caution – whatever you say may be politically incorrectOttawa Citizen03 Oct
Even Liberals Now Pushing Back Against the PC MadnessChristian Post03 Oct
U of T prof blasts ‘totalitarian’ gender ideology: ‘I guess I should be put in jail’LifeSite Canada30 Sep
I’m not a bigot’ Meet the U of T prof who refuses to use genderless pronounsCBC As it Happens30 Sep
U of T professor attacks political correctness, says he refuses to use genderless pronounsVancouver Sun29 Sep
A Canadian University Professor Is Under Fire For Rant on Political CorrectnessVice Media29 Sep
U of T prof rips bill outlawing gender identity discrimination24 Hours Toronto29 Sep
A Toronto Professor Is Facing Criticism For Saying He Won’t Recognize Gender-Neutral IdentitesBuzzfeed News29 Sep
U of T psychology prof decries “political correctness” in YouTube lectureVarsity28 Sep

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