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Christie Blatchford: If gender identity debate at U of T was about free speech, then the battle is truly lost National Post 21 Nov
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Gender Identity and Gender Expression My Steinbach 20 Nov
Jordan Peterson debating at the University of Toronto 11/19/16 Ricochet 20 Nov
Prof’s fear of pronoun punishment is all too plausible: DiManno Toronto Star 20 Nov
P.E.I. person wants to be referred to as neither he, nor she, but they The Guardian 19 Nov
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U of T prof. Jordan Peterson will take part in campus debate on legislation on gender identity Toronto Star 16 Nov
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U of T Prof Who Opposes Gender Neutral Pronouns Said ‘Social Justice Warriors’ Glued His Office Door Shut Vice Media 02 Nov
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My Fight for Free Speech in Trudeau’s Canada Catholic Herald 02 Nov
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University of Toronto Students Disrupt Speech of Professor Refusing to Use ‘Transgender’ Pronouns Christian News 01 Nov
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Letters on the U.S. election: Excluding the 2% National Post 26 Oct
Free speech is under attack, but Jordan Peterson stands firm News Optimist 25 Oct
U or T Letter asks Jordan Peterson to Respect Pronouns, Stop Making Statements The Varsity 24 Oct
The Dangers of Biased Reporting The Medium 24 Oct
U of T Faculties Take Action The Medium 24 Oct
Student groups issue statements about Jordan Peterson’s lectures The Varsity 24 Oct
Join Pussy Grabs Back Toronto’s Trump and rape culture protest Now Magazine 24 Oct
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Sibley: Blame the intellectuals for our politically correct language conflicts Ottawa Citizen 24 Oct
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Political correctness killing free speech Toronto Star 24 Oct
Life befuddling enough without 31 genders Canoe 24 Oct
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Parents should be primary educators of children Medicine Hat News 22 Oct
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U of T professor says he won’t use gender-neutral pronouns, even under threat of a human rights complaint The Mississauga News 22 Oct
U or T Free Speech Debate Resonates Across Canada The Record 21 Oct
Levelheaded professor refuses to use ‘genderless pronouns’ and now the faculty is in full revolt BizPac Review 21 Oct
Christie Blatchford: Embattled U of T professor a warrior for common sense and plain speech National Post 21 Oct
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U of T faculty speak out against hate speech, threats on campus Metro News 20 Oct
Free Speech Rally Devolves Into Conflict, Outbursts of Violence Fulcrum 20 Oct
7 sites near University of Toronto defaced with swastikas Jewish Journal 20 Oct
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