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  • Nicole Zimmerman on

    I would love to join your alliance for responsible citizenship and am willing to volunteer in any way needed. I am from Canada and have seen the depths of hell in recent years after a lifetime of hard work and savings, the cra found me guilty of tax evasion when in fact I did nothing of the sort. I had a small business and a house and a cottage all unlawfully taken from me due to negligent workers of our government. I live in a town in Ontario that is in a bubble of people from Bruce power hydroids, who run closed town meetings and close their eyes to the ever growing poverty level of anyone who doesn’t work at Bruce power. I have nothing left from everything I worked for since I was twenty. I have two sons that are adults who have both been failed by our society, extensively and I have seen the atrocities of the power of the almighty dollar and free will run rampant. I am 51 female very highly open minded and positive in mood. I am direct, smart, kind, organized, and also empathic. Please let me know how I can be part of such an amazing organization that will help people of every ethnicity, all around the world. Who was born in this world to be governed and made to obey someone else’s rules? I came here with free will and love in my heart for my neighbour no matter what… I stand with you. ’Thank you for this hope and for your honour at this 11th hour. Nicole Zimmerman

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